Beautiful Beaches

The beaches of Nassau / Paradise Island are as diverse as they are lovely. Pristine beaches, swaying palm trees and azure blue waters are the common denominator that makes the Bahamas a favorite vacation destination.

Nassau Beaches

Nassau - Cable Beach
Cable Beach - This area is considered the Rivera of the Bahamas. Sandy white beaches and relatively calm waters grace the beach including Sandals, Radisson, Nassau Beach Hotel and Breezes. Plenty of beach for everyone. Jetski's, parasaling, waterskiing available. Generally not as crowded as Cabbage Beach near Atlantis.

Saunders Beach - This swarth of Native Beach is located along the drive on West Bay Street. There are no lounges, and the coral can be hard on your feet. Watch out along these western native beaches, there are sometimes an undertow.

Love Beach - Compass Point is located along this quiet pristing stretch of beach. Lovely surroundings but not easy to access.

Junkanoo Beach - Located just west of Nassau, Junkanoo Beach is a Native beach which is quiet most of the season. No lounges, services, just a nice stretch of beach just inside the breakwaters.

British Colonial Hilton Beach - a small quiet slip of a beach located directly on the harbour with a view of the cruiseships and the Paraside Island Lighthouse. Paradise for those who want a quiet beach along with the creature comforts of lifeguards,kayaks, snorkeling, pool, bar and food services.

Montegue Beach - A public Native beach located east of Paradise Bridge, across from Club Waterloo. This beach is the historic site of Fort Montegue as well as a venue for many Native social events and regattas. Great snorkeling off the breakwaters.

South Beach - Native beach on the south side of the islands. You'll find school children, fisherman and natives cooling off in the coral laden beaches.

South Ocean Beach - This area is off the beaten path and enjoyed by
divers and those who want to avoid the crowds.

On Paradise Island
Cabbage Beach - This busy beach has been named one of the 10 best in the world. It's gorgeous combination of sea and sand makes it a favorite for visitors from every corner of the world. The big hotels are located here, and lounges are available to hotel guests. Access to the beach is located just east of the Sheraton Hotel, on Casino Drive. Walk east for more privacy, west for the crowds.
Jetski, parasailing, bananaboat available.

Paradise Cove - This cove is part of the Atlantis beach front and available only by walking the beach east in front of Atlantis. The water is sometimes calmer in the cove then the open waters.

Club Med Beach - Paradise Paradise - Keep walking over the breakwater past Atlantis, and you'll find the best off shore snorkeling in the area. This calm stretch of beach is the best in the bahamas.

Rose Island - Take a day trip to this private island for a day to remember. The beaches are beautiful, the island is still rustic and for the most part still natural. There are hammocks, picninc tables, and a small shop/bathrooms on the island. Snorkeling is great off the beach, or on the south side off the docks near the Robinson Crusoe house.

Blue lagoon Island - This beautiful island has been built up to include restaurants, grills, bars, restrooms, souvenier shops as well as many other amenities. The draw here is the dolphins / sting rays etc. If you just interested in a private island, this is not the place, if you are interested in playing with the dolphins etc. this is it. Contact Dophin Encounter or Jacharic for details.

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